Research & Planning

“I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts. ” -Bill Gates

We at Vision Vivante think that It’s most likely to happen that when you are in middle of your project, you may have some new idea in mind inspired by how the project looks at that time or you will get inspired by some other competitor’s website or even will realize that it’s not what you want or even sometime what you started may become secondary as others have launched it and many more things.

This is an obvious phenomenon which will take place whenever you start something and it’s not only in IT it’s everywhere but how we can remove it?

The answer is no one can remove it and yes that’s good news also! Yes good news because it means you are agile and agility allow you to be innovative and create something which make a difference out there while solving a problem.

You must be thinking, "If that’s a case why do we do Research and Planning?, the answer is, we do it to minimize the uncertainties or to be more specific we enlighten the client about the jargons, risks and hidden facts (unlike other service providers who want you to be in dark) in the path ahead and suggest best solutions. We also help client to choose, alter, discard or use an idea as he would be seeing it from only one angle.

Vision Vivante take this part very seriously and research the requirements from various prospective (which will be listed below) and create a plan with milestones which help us to follow a road-map. The most important part is Research and Planning helps us to set references for the future regarding delivery time and cost as most of time developer is saddled with reasons for delay or issues and want our clients to already realize what they ask for.

We will have detailed discussion with you regarding your vision, mission and establish answers to all the questions like given below which will allow any one to create further document including SRS, SOW, ETA etc...

1. Describe your target audience.
2. What you will gain from this website and what are the purposes of the website?
3. What makes you different from your competitors?
4. Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors?
5. WHat Technologies you should choose and why?
6. What may be tentative RANGE for the project?
7. What services you would need from a web agency?

Document Helping To Create SRS


1 Week