While working with us you will feel peace of mind which you have lost and re-discover the enjoyment of what you do best.

We will nnleash you from unnecessary burden and make you

Whoever you are, if you are associated with us this is what we will do with you:

#1 The Client

We mean it, our Clients our our Top Priority

A client working with us will be interacting with an expert BA and Project Manager who have versatile knowledge of various domains and can take your ideas and convert it into a Vision along with a well defined plan which will give client a clear and true idea of “What are you actually going to jump into?”, “What are resources required for your Vision and what will be their Cost?”, “How much time it will take to become your Vision into Reality?”, “What are the risks in the course?”, “What type of technology you should choose?”, “What marketing strategy you should go with?”, “What is growth scope of your Vision in future?”.

Also client will be able to decide whether he wants to be in a close loop and know each and every step, stage and person involved in his Vision or let us take care of everything and deliver his Vision.

#2 The Resources

Our Resources are everything for us and we place them before ourselves.

A Resource working with us will be free to work on Area/Technology he want to work (of course he must have the ability to do the same), he will have a say in each project before he is involved in it and very important he would not need to take pressure but he will take responsibility of project and client as he will be accountable for the execution of Vision into Reality ones he has accepted the Vision drafted. The Most important aspect for Resource is, he will get benefits for his real contributions and is justified by himself, that means they will be not our employee but partners of our cooperative and will get 100% benefits for their efforts.

#3 Vision Vivante

Our Happy Clients & Resources will take care of us.

Finally we Vision Vivante is not an agency, we are a Cooperative and we believe in Sharing so are ourselves just resources and we are expert in Management and Execution and we love it.

Yes Vision Vivante take 100% guarantee (we are also very transparent and we convey any risks to client before getting hired or upfront) of any project taken until client is happy and we love the words Quality, Security, Satisfaction, Transparency, Supporting and Equality.

We make sure our clients aren’t charged unfair as well as our resources are fairly compensated. Also we believe in long term relationship so we are open to give you a trial of our execution, process and visions either for free or at minimum price and then convert it into a full gig.

Surprised how do we know all this?